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1,000,000 €

Block of apartments 390 Sq.m

Athens | Petralona-Kato Petralona 

Block of apartments, 390 sq.m., For Sale, Athens, Kato Petralona, 3 Levels, Ground floor Floor, 12 Rooms, 7 Bathrooms, Floors: Wooden floors + Tiles, Building Year: 1970, Status: Refurbished, Certificate Energy: B, Feautures: Elevator, Security door, Internal Staircase, Balconies, For Investment, Roadside, On Corn...


Code: 1350886

180,000 €

Business 90 Sq.m


Business, 90 sq.m., For Sale, Voula, Ground floor Floor, 3 Rooms, 2 WC, Floors: Tiles, Building Year: 1985, Status: Amazing, Certificate Energy: B, Feautures: Painted, Autonomous - Petrol Heating, Price: 180.000€ Asty Realty, Τηλέφωνο Επικοινωνίας: 2103008807,,


Code: 872730

2,500,000 €

Block of apartments 605 Sq.m


Block of apartments, 605 sq.m., For Sale, Voula, Building Year: 2014, Status: Semi-finished, Certificate Energy: B, Feautures: Storage room, On Corner, Out of doors: 100 sq.m., View: Mountain View + Sea view, Price: 2.500.000€ Asty Realty, Τηλέφωνο Επικοινωνίας: 2103008807,,


Code: 805539

700,000 €

Block of apartments 400 Sq.m


Block of apartments, 400 sq.m., For Sale, Glyfada, In plot 420 sq.m., 5 Levels, Ground floor Floor, 10 Rooms, Floors: Wooden floors + Marble, Building Year: 1974, Status: Good, Certificate Energy: G, Feautures: Balconies, For Investment, Roadside, Bright, View: Sea view, Price: 700.000€ Asty Realty, Τηλέφωνο Επικ...


Code: 1119854

1,200,000 €

Hotel 500 Sq.m

Athens | Sepolia 

Hotel, 500 sq.m., For Sale, Athens, Sepolia, 7 Levels, Ground floor Floor, 9 Rooms, 9 WC, 9 parking, Building Year: 2012, Status: Amazing, Feautures: Security door, Metro, For Investment, Airy, On Frontage, Bright, AirConditioning, Personal Heating, ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΗ ΕΝΟΙΚΙΑΖΟΜΕΝΩΝ ΔΩΜΑΤΙΩΝ με ΑΔΕΙΑ ΕΟΤ κ ΚΑΛΗ ΑΠΟΔΟΣΗ, ...

 9  9  

Code: 915100